Neramin – 12 (Cyanocobalamin)


Neramin-12 (Cyanocobalamin) is the only vitamin supplement that can readily dissolve under your tongue for quicker absorption. It is vitamin B12 nutrient that helps in the nerve repair and production of healthy blood cells and helps prevent people from getting tired and weak.

There’s NO over dosage issue report by using Neramin-12, because the body absorbs only as much as the patient needs, any excess passes through the urine.

Neramin-12 is safe to take by the Diabetic Patients, because it has a strong role to play in diabetic neuropathy and reduce nerve damage. There’s no sugar added, sweet flavor comes from natural flavor of wild berry.

How often the patient should take Neramin-12?

The patient should take Neramin-12, 1-2 tablets per day and will feel restored within 15 minutes.

Neramin – 12’s flavor Wild berry
Neramin- 12’s content 1000 micrograms ODT of Cyanocobalamin
Route of administration ODT (Orally disentigerating tablet) – there’s no need to drink water

Things to consider by the patient to know if they are Vit B12 deficiency:

  • Constant fatigue and exhaustion;
  • Poor memory;
  • Confusion and dizziness at times;
  • Tiredness and weakness;
  • Nerve problem such as numbness and tingling both hands and feet;
  • Reduces red blood cells and anemia;
  • Dementia


What are the effects of Vitamin B12?

  • Feel energized;
  • Aids in the production of DNA;
  • Vitamin B12 repairs nerve and production of red blood cells.
  • For Healthy brain function.


Neramin-12’s SKU and Price:

  • Bottle of 30 tablets; P275.00
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