Company Profile

Tobie Pharma is Diamond Laboratories, Inc. subsidiaries company which is one of the Philippines’ leading local medium-sized companies engaged in the manufacture, importation, promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical and health related products.

Recognized among the country’s few successful family corporations in the pharmaceuticals manufacturing and marketing fields, DLI was founded in 1984 and has been led since then from a home-based company into the globally-competitive business that it is today by Roberto V. Cabrera, Jr.

Like many successful family-owned and operated enterprise, DLI had humble beginnings. Its original office was housed in the family residence on T. Benitez St., West Triangle, Quezon City. Today, however, DLI’s state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities are housed in an equally modern set of buildings it fully owns, located in a one-half hectare compound in the heart of Quezon City, the Philippines’ premiere city.

Company Growth and Expansion

In the pursuit of its mission, Diamond Laboratories, Inc. engages in numerous activities that ensure the high quality and the affordability of the products it manufactures and distributes throughout the country. One of its long-term corporate objectives is to become a distributor of these products to Asia and other countries.

These activities include research and development, production or manufacturing, product packaging, and distribution and marketing services.

Innovativeness, optimum use indigenous raw materials, and product efficacy, quality and affordability are the primary considerations DLI imposes in the development of its products.

DLI’s production and manufacturing facilities are not only state-of-the-art, but are likewise always maintained in excellent condition to ensure that every DLI product is of the highest quality and meets the strictest world standards for medical and pharmaceutical products. To further ensure these, the company continually keeps pace with global development in the industry and spares no resources in upgrading its facilities.

DLI credits its steady growth and expansion over the years primarily to the men and women who constitute its employee force. Instilled in various disciplines, DLI’s manpower resource is among the most competent and high quality pools of professionals in the industry.

As the company expanded its product lines, its market linkages likewise expanded, especially in the Asia-Pacific Region. Today, DLI serves as the marketing arm in the country for Asian firms that manufacture herbal-based products for health and beauty, such as slimming tea, and facial and body creams and lotions.

DLI Mission

To provide everyone with high quality yet affordable pharmaceutical, health, food and beauty related products.

DLI Vision

To strive, to make Diamond Lab Inc. the leader of providing quality medicine to every Filipino.

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